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Securing of loads

Dear Sirs,

As manufacturer of high quality bright drawn angle steel, we are not only responsible for our products but also for their being transported adequately. Since the Andernach & Bleck Company has been taking over Metalli Trafilati S.r.l., it is well known that securing of loads is performed according to the strict prevailing VDI guidelines. As at the moment, there is no Italian regulation concerning securing of loads, we take as a basis CEN 12195-1:2011-06 (DIN EN 12195-1:2011-06), which has been adopted as European standard and applies currently.

Please observe the standard mentioned above when choosing the appropriate forwarding agent, as only sufficiently equipped vehicles ensure that the material is being transported safely and gently.

Circular letter


Kind regards,
Metalli Trafilati S.r.l.

veröffentlicht am: 04.09.2017